Vodka «FIORD»

Водка «Fiord»

The vodka is smooth, just like nature itself.


We were inspired by the conquering beauty, harsh and impregnable fjords in creating this vodka. Narrow, long bays that hide the perfect beauty of nature. The natural taste of Fiord vodka, like the northern fjords, combines strength, beauty, and boundless spirit. The finest blend, deep and pure taste, combining the freshness of mint with a subtle cucumber aroma, reveals the special smoothness of the vodka.


• ABV: 40%
• Volume: 0,5/0,75 L 
• Filtration: 22 stages of charcoal filtration 


• Ingredients: Alcohol of class «Alpha», The specially prepared drinking water, sugar syrup, infusions of fresh cucumber, and aromatic peppermint alcohol. 

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