Ломая стереотипы


Breaking stereotypes


Tempered by cold filtration, «LEDOHOD» — is a vodka that surprises with its quality and taste. When producing vodka, we lower the temperature during cleaning and thereby increase the amount of impurities absorbed by the filter. Breaking stereotypes about quality, and exceeding your expectations, «LEDOHOD» — yours on any table!


• ABV: 40%
• Volume: 0,5-0,7 L 
• Filtration: 22 stages of charcoal purification 

Ingredients: Alcohol of class «Alpha», specially prepared drinking water, sugar syrup, infusion of alcoholized rice cereals, oat flakes. (cores).











    In 2023, «LEDOHOD» vodka took part in the Eurasia Spirits Drinks international competition and won the award in the nomination "Best Foreign Products," and also received the Grand Prix for a high level of quality and the introduction of advanced technologies.

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