"PREMIUM Uzbekistan" is intended to become one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in Uzbekistan, dynamically increasing its market positions, both on the territory of the Republic and on the world stage

Distillery "PREMIUM Uzbekistan" - creates history from 2021

"PREMIUM UZBEKISTAN" is intended to become one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in Uzbekistan, dynamically increasing its market positions, both on the territory of the Republic and on the world stage. The fundamental basis of the company is a vertically integrated production site located in the center of Tashkent city. High-tech vodka production with a capacity of 3 million decaliters per year, provides more than 300 jobs. And the use of advanced innovative technologies and the best equipment from world leaders ensures the best quality of spirits. Distillery "PREMIUM UZBEKISTAN" is one of the first to introduce the international food safety management system ISO 22000: 2005. (or HASPP) in the republic, which is the guarantor of the quality of the products. Laser marking of bottling date and identification number creates additional security that cannot be counterfeited.

On the territory of the PREMIUM Uzbekistan distillery there is a developed infrastructure that meets all modern requirements:
- Alcohol storage with a capacity of 55 thousand decaliters;
- Artesian well 130 meters deep;
- Modernized warehouse for finished products of 700 m2, with a capacity of 40 thousand decaliters;
- Water treatment system with a capacity of 5 m3 / h;
- 22 degrees of filtration;
- 2 automated European filling lines with a capacity of 6,000 bph, as well as a souvenir line of 3,000 bph;

The plant's products are a style of production that combines respect for the age-old traditions of distillation, the strictest adherence to modern technologies and excellent knowledge of consumer demand.

Development strategy "PREMIUM Uzbekistan"

  • Formation of the reputation of the corporate brand PREMIUM Uzbekistan, with an emphasis on the image of a manufacturer of premium products;
  • Improvement of the production and related infrastructure of the plant, including the company stores of the plant;
  • Launch of an excursion program for production with an interactive and tasting part;
  • Creation of a basic sales structure with a focus on product sales throughout the Republic, development of direct sales and distribution;
  • Public marketing and PR of the company with the involvement of VIPs;
  • Creation of an image of an attractive employer for potential employees, as well as those who have joined the team of like-minded people;
  • Achievement in the mid-term period of unconditional leadership in the Premium vodka market in Uzbekistan.

The principle of diversification is the basis for building a product portfolio. It covers all the main price segments from the Ultra-premium TM "Premium Uzbekistan" to the budgetary one, providing stable sales of products regardless of consumer preferences. The offered portfolio is balanced in capacities - from 1.0 l. up to 0.1 liters., and by types of consumer behavior: "vodka as a gift" - "vodka for home consumption."
The use of brands on the basis of a license agreement will allow to provide significant savings at the start (first of all, time) on the development of own brands, the production of components, mold kits, etc.

Fully automated process of vodka production at the "PREMIUM Uzbekistan" distillery:

  1. Alcohol of the best quality "Lux" and "Alpha" are supplied from the distillery to the production line of the plant.
  2. From the obtained alcohol and the purest water from our own artesian well, a water-alcohol solution is prepared, taking into account, to obtain vodka with a strength of 40% vol.
  3. The resulting solution is sent to coal-cleaning and silver filtration, after which it enters the finishing vats.
  4. The ingredients from aromatized alcohols are added to the finished solution in the finishing vats and thoroughly mixed.
  5. The finished vodka enters the bottling line with obligatory control filtration and bottled.
  6. The automation line seals bottles with caps and sends them to an inspection machine for quality control.
  7. After a thorough inspection, the bottles are sent to a labeling and excise machine.
  8. The bottles then go to automatic stacking in boxes with dividing grids.
  9. Finished products are sent to the warehouse and are ready for sale.

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